This archive of letters were purchased by an acquaintance of mine who asked me to transcribe and research them in exchange for his permission to publish them on a blogsite for the purpose of preserving history. As far as I know, this is the first time they have been published. I have not seen references to Harman’s letters previously published in any regimental histories of the 153rd Pennsylvania Volunteers.

Readers should be aware that Theodore Harman had a limited education so his spelling and letter writing skills were rather poor. He had a tendency to begin every new thought with the phrase, “And further I let you know….” which becomes somewhat annoying after awhile. Though I have left this phrase intact in my transcription of the letters, I have occasionally removed the words “And” or “But” which were used far too frequently to begin his sentences. In my opinion, the letters read more easily without these superfluous words. I hope the readers will agree. I have attached full-size images of each letter beneath the transcripts for those that wish to read Harman’s letters in their original form.

I might also mention that this collection of letters were purchased on e-Bay from a seller who had previously sold at least 5 or 6 of Harman’s letters individually to as many as three different buyers within the last year (2017). Regretfully, I don’t have transcripts of those letters which included:

  • Wonderful 1863 Theodore Harman Letter Colonel Cant Commit (#182305310732)
  • Terrific 1863 Sgt Theodore Harman Letter Guarding Railroad and man dies (#182305313670)
  • Amazing 1863 Theodore Harman Letter with Hand Drawn Building (#182305308473)
  • Nice 1863 Theodore Harman Civil War Letter (#182251747142)
  • 1862 Civil War Letter by Sgt. Theodore Harman 153rd Pa (#182092246618)

If perhaps the current owners of these missing letters find this blogsite and wish to share the contents of them, I would be delighted to include them here with Theodore’s other letters.

I hope you will find the letters as interesting as I have. — Griff

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